Whether you have a fleet size of forty, four hundred, or four thousand vehicles, it is inevitable that someone has to manage the fleet and the drivers. That may be done by someone in an administrative role, who will be in charge of the fleet on a part-time basis, or a Fleet Manager with a team alongside them.

No matter the size, the same questions must be addressed for a fleet to be managed efficiently.

  • How will you handle vehicle acquisition and disposal?
  • How will you fund the vehicles?
  • How will you determine the selection and suitability?
  • How and where will you store the records?
  • How will you manage risk, maintenance and fuelling?

Using the tried and tested method, ACES can provide guidance on all aspects, and help make your fleet run more efficiently, saving you time, and even more importantly, cost.

Assess, Consider, Explore, Solution.

  • Assess your needs
  • Consider the requirements
  • Explore the opportunities
  • Solution is provided