Fleet Consultancy

We can help, if you have a fleet of vehicles, (no matter what size) and need guidance and advice, or maybe there is a project that needs to be completed, but you don’t have the required resources?

Full Data Analysis

Do you have a large amount of data, and need it validating, analysing so you see the headline details, we can do all that for you.

Spreadsheet Design

To get more out of Excel, don’t hire another full-time employee. Call one of our experts for help on a short-term project. You’ll get immediate, confidential, expert technical help.


Having nearly 30 years’ experience in the motor industry, dealing with fleets of all sizes up to 4500 units, gives us all the skills and knowledge required, to provide our consultancy services for any project you may have.

Working on many procurement strategies has also enhanced the skills required to analyse, cleanse and manipulate spreadsheets of all sizes, creating headline figures that will make sense of the data.

If you have a need for any of these services, please get in contact.

Please contact us, for further information